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Midoe doppelgänger

Change takes time stupid! This was a speedpaint of an dnd character: a doppleganger who was part of a cult which was unhealthily obsessed with change.

Sam kalensky asset

Change takes time stupid. This was a speedpaint of an dnd character, good times

Sam kalensky midoe2

a more up to date pic of midoe. i still prefer the speedpaint though.

Sam kalensky midoeconcepts

8 year old First rough concepts for the character in question :)
(Humanoid pics where her in disguise.)

Sam kalensky namheras

Midoes step dad, Nam. a Mask-faced-mimic who's children take on furniture forms: he runs a "global imports shop" – when mimics change shape, they "shed" their old skin, leaving behind a perfectly good piece of furniture. Midoe is a doppleganger however.