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SamKalensky – Self portraits and Branding.

its me! selfies and brand identifiers from 2008 - 2018, no particular order
my favorite things to do are design characters and draw food : )
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Sam kalensky bizcard2019

Card 2019!

Sam kalensky 20994073 2132949290259482 2737138480030148785 n

Contact me for inquiries 2018.

Sam kalensky dhxoh4ovoaaxfk1

Honk honk.

Sam kalensky artbio300

2017 selfie, i still like the pose a lot.

Sam kalensky woah copy

my most consistant brand/logo 2016-2018 :]

Sam kalensky samklogo

Lil icon for buttons etc. 2016-2018

Sam kalensky samklogo

old logo. 2013-2014

Sam kalensky sammyktime

happier times in 2015-2016

Sam kalensky x inline mrwc7qzwr31qgt1vk 1

older logo 2012

Sam kalensky x mwhv2cjz5q1qhubz2o1 1280


Sam kalensky spoopy

Spoopy skeles

Sam kalensky x moiyqaau4l1qhubz2o1 500

spooky things are fun too.

Sam kalensky samkalenskythankyou

i like drawing myself quickly, its theraputic.

Sam kalensky summertreatsfulldpi

my favorite thing to draw is food and exaggerated expressions :)