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Scampy Shiba - Line stickers - 2017-2018

Sam kalensky scampy heart 300dpi

2017 final design they wanted "a Cute Chibi/Simple Shiba"

Sam kalensky projectshiba scampy samkalensky

2017 rough sticker sketches.

Sam kalensky projectshiba roughsketches samkalensky

2017 first pass. they chose the bottom one ultimately after having me design several others..

Sam kalensky projectshiba concepts september 1st 2018

2018 1st pass redesign. and some initial sketches. rejected.

Sam kalensky scampy2018

2018 revamp.

Sam kalensky image0 2

some varients on the previous 2018 scamp.

Sam kalensky screen shot 2018 09 25 at 8 47 15 pm

Attempt no2

Sam kalensky shibav5

Another revamp. We stopped after this