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Hyakki Yagyo - 2019 (Self Published Magazine) - part 1!

back in April, I proudly self published the first issue of my 5 part Bestiary Magazine: – Hyakki Yagyo, The Night Parade of 100 Demons: All about Ghosts, Cryptids, Demons and Creatures from folk legends across Japan. - Issue #2 is coming along quite well, and will be published by January/Febuary and it will feature bios about the following Youkai! (pictured below + 20 more!) – It's my personal goal to design 100 of these monsters in my style, after I complete 5 issues of the 'zine: I'd like to publish a DND supplementary book as well as a trading card game about them. – Issue #1 & my hand-made Stickers are still available in my Etsy shop here: - Buying them directly supports me and helps me make more~! The book was entirely formatted in Flash/animate ie; I did the text, placed, created all the images In the program as well. I'm confident that if you asked me to, I could create a game or interactive UI with this work! :)

Sam kalensky 1 cover

Front cover issue 1 contains info on 20 monsters!

Sam kalensky il 794xn 1930631285 igcd

Night parade of 100 demons book!

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This is my first self published book! it contains facts on 20 different yokai, monsters ghosts and spirits from japanese folklore

Sam kalensky il 794xn 1930631475 ag8d

Tsuchinoko and kappa

Sam kalensky 19umibozu

Umibozu dont like smokers!!

Sam kalensky 15kukegen

Keukegen dusty doggy!

Sam kalensky 22daruma

The famous daruma dolls!