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Harbingers 2015 – Game Dev + Storybible.

Late 2015 - Done for a Game Development Class – Harbingers was to be: "A cartoony Side-Scrolling-Beat-Em-Up, with a dash of RPG.”
Assignment was to create a high concept document & story bible for pitching an original game – "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: WAR. FAMINE, DEATH AND CONQUEST are once more sent to bring about the end of humanity! – Its up to these harbingers to end the world together! Unfortunately for them, each time the Apocalypse happens, one of the horsemen expires and must be replaced in a chosen one-esc manner! Last time it was Death. – This time however it's Conquest. Unfortunately, this time the chosen has been assigned to a Timid Teen from a small town. Traditionally acting as the groups "Glory-bound leader" Conquest had united and lead the other harbingers to victory for Eons. – It’s now up to this New Conquest to choose: Each harbinger has their own idea of what a perfect "End of the World" would be like. you can choose to unite or destroy them!"

Sam kalensky war

Wars in game portrait. –Please note that this concept overall was sadly left Rough/Unfinished as project time was quite limited. (everything here was conceptualized within a weekend, by myself.)

Sam kalensky harbingers war

Harbingers: "WAR" character sheet, rough shiloettes, notes and & character development. Each harbingers horse was made to directly contrast their personalities. also rough mockup of game screen.

Sam kalensky warvs

Rough of previous scene. – Made very- very quickly in blender/unity.

Sam kalensky harbingers 1

initial 2 min rough concept art - The art didnt have to be pretty or polished for this stage of the assignment. :)

Sam kalensky hudart

Two different interpetations of death, i liked the girl better so i further developed her.

Sam kalensky jeebus

Your friendly neighbourhood stable/item shop owner: jeebus. some rough concepts of RPG/horse stats including HP: (horse power.) defence and speed.

Sam kalensky warsprite

Wars rough in game concept sprite. (tiny wimpy horse.)

Sam kalensky faminesprite

Famine/Pestilence rough concept sprite. (Noble/proud but fat, smelly horse)

Sam kalensky deathsprite

lil Death and her big skele-horse

Sam kalensky conquest sprite

wimpy Conquest and his BIG STRONG halo horse. ( dont know how to ride.)

Sam kalensky burgagedon

Alternate Famine Concept. – Burgergeddon.