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Recent Commissions!

Recent Character Bust Commissions: 2016–2018 (no particular order.)
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Sam kalensky quinhd

Character belongs to Baothghalach this was a commission :)

Sam kalensky fox

StarFox eating a banana. Commission for Dolfo.

Sam kalensky numskull300

commission for impistry of their characters Numskull & Pele

Sam kalensky 21616466 2151296581758086 5500969315348475954 n

Character is a pokemon.

Sam kalensky x nskvsihlaf1tvqi4oo5 r3 1280

Pumpkin boy for the client.

Sam kalensky x nskvsihlaf1tvqi4oo7 r2 1280

Strange bug ball player. belonging to the client

Sam kalensky 21640981 2151296271758117 3672204640040260620 o

Mechanic character belonging to the client

Sam kalensky x nskvsihlaf1tvqi4oo1 r1 540

Button Prints of the last 3 :)

Sam kalensky 21551843 2151296268424784 3708116082703878371 o

Character belongs to psytrin. (in undertale garb.)

Sam kalensky x nskvsihlaf1tvqi4oo8 r1 1280

Commission for Red Hatter

Sam kalensky x nskvsihlaf1tvqi4oo2 r2 1280

Sticker Commission for MCwafflez